AdventureKEEN aims to give readers healthy, fun ways to engage with local parks and trails, and even their own backyards. This improves the lives of our readers, while also fostering a reverence for nature and a protective mindset toward maintaining our green spaces and wild places for future generations. Our mantra is SHOP LOCAL LIVE LOCAL, in support of brick-and-mortar bookstores. We work to connect readers with local markets by publishing books that help everyone appreciate the outdoor world.


AdventureKEEN is an independent book publisher serving a growing audience of active people interested in pursuing appreciative, generous, and fulfilling lives. The AdventureKEEN brands include: Adventure Publications, Wilderness Press, Menasha Ridge Press, The Unofficial Guides, Nature Study Guides, and Clerisy Press. This collection of brands makes AdventureKEEN the source of some of the best-selling nature and travel books in the United States.

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