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Baker & Taylor Publisher Services distributes a range of leading independent publishers to bookstores, wholesales, libraries, and specialty markets. We are represented in the trade by the independent rep group Book Travelers West for the territories covered by CALIBA, PNBA, and the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association.

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Featured Titles/Products from BTPS publishers

Our featured titles include a range of children’s and adult titles from our client publishers. The Lights & Types of Ships at Night is a picture book on the beauty of boats at nighttime from McSweeney’s publisher and author Dave Eggers; The Four Profound Weaves is the first full-length work in the Birdverse, the award-winning fantasy universe with LGBTQIA themes, published by Tachyon; Creepers: Stage Fright, is part of series of new middle-grade chapter books, filled with low-level vocabulary and scary fun from Flowerpot Press. The F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection: Deluxe Slipcase Box Set from Arcturus is the latest in their incredible line of gift-priced slipcase editions, one of our top-selling lines each fall at independent bookstores; the latest episode featuring “STEM in the care of magical creatures” and starring scientist Zoey and her lab assistant cat, Sassafras is called Bips and Roses, sure to be a hit with fans of the Zoey and Sassafras series.


Visit our catalogs on Edelweiss for our latest titles, lists, and catalogs for your review. Represented in the western US by Book Travelers West, with great direct terms and a range of seasonal specials for stores.

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 BTPS Tri-West Rep Picks Fall 2020! Take a quick tour of our lead adult and children’s books

Join us as we race through BTPS publishers’ lead fall titles perfect for fall and holiday bookselling! New and recent backlist titles are featured from McSweeney’s, Tachyon, Arcturus, Flowerpot Press, Innovation Press, ECW Press, Bushel & Peck, Nimbus, and more. Several series are highlighted as well. Contact your rep with Book Travelers West with any questions!

BTPS themed lists for fall 2020

Our featured themed lists including Honoring Racial Diversity, with more than 20 new and recent titles promoting black history, experience, and voices. Our children’s activity list from Arcturus includes more than 120 in-stock titles that are high-quality, affordably-priced books across a range of subjects for kids, including puzzles, practical art, STEM, dinosaurs and unicorns, and more. Our Rep Picks Fall 2020 title list features 50 new and recent backlist titles from our leading publishers.

Honoring Racial Diversity: 23 Adult and Children's titles
Children's Activity Books from Arcturus - 120+ in-stock
BTPS/Book Travelers West Rep Picks 2020