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Chelsea Green is pleased to support the Tri-West Exhibition. Thanks for visiting our booth! You’ll find our specials and links to our Edelweiss catalogs listed below, along with contact info for our fabulous reps at the Karel-Dutton Group. And please Zoom on in and meet authors Sandor Katz (Fermentation as Metaphor) and Naomi Wolf (Outrages) via the bookseller Zoom links directly below.

Sandor will be available to talk fermentation on Thursday, October 8th at 4:00 PDT/6:00 CDT (Meeting ID: 858 6587 4713; Passcode: 496401) Bring your questions!

Naomi will be discussing her book “Outrages” and answering bookseller questions on Friday, October 9th at 4:30 PDT/6:30 CDT (Meeting ID: 846 7147 7181; Passcode: 557864).

Both Zoom meetings will last 60 minutes.
Questions? Email Michael at

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Selections from Fall 2020

Here are 5 of our featured fall titles. Click through on any to see the Edelweiss page. DRCs and, in some cases, audiobooks are available in Edelweiss. And we’ve got show specials below, including signed bookplates!


Fall Tradeshow Special:
Any 10 book order gets an extra 5% returnable (49%); 3% non-ret/partner (53%)
Good through October 31st.
Use Code: TS20

Signed Copies:
Any order of 10+ copies of “Outrages” or “Fermentation as Metaphor” will receive 10+ bookplates signed by the author. Also applies to event orders.
Good through December 31st.
Use Code: BP20

Naomi Wolf on “Outrages,” Censorship, and the Right to Read

New York Times bestselling author Naomi Wolf tells the story of her book “Outrages” at ALA virtual this summer (10 min.)

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