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Cypress House is a family-owned independent publishing company located in Fort Bragg, California. We publish under three imprints: Cypress House, Lost Coast Press, and QED Press. Our titles include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, crafts (especially books on how to fold paper airplanes), health & healing, history, biography, social studies, memoir, children’s books, art, business, and more. We also represent a number of independent presses, for whom we provide show representation and inclusion in our catalog. We’ve always displayed at the PNBA, NCIBA, and BEA tradeshows, but this is the first time we’ve connected with Mountains & Plains booksellers and librarians.

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Cynthia Frank


Compelling and Award-Winning Titles from Independent Presses

Along with our own Cypress House, Lost Coast Press, and QED Press titles, we’re delighted to feature compelling and award-winning books from independent presses around the country. These publishers include Pets, People & Me, O’Brien & Whitaker (an imprint of Boku Books), Everybody Loves Grace, Dr. Gail Gross (Skyhorse), Instilling Goodness Books, Spotlight Marketing, Lono Waiwaiole (Down & Out Books), Spirit Doula Press, and Harvey B. Chess.

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50% discount and FREE FREIGHT on all Cypress House, Lost Coast Press, QED Press, and Inspirante Publishing LLC titles.

The harder I work, the smarter I seem.

Alice Combs, award-winning author of The Lady with Balls: A Single Mother’s Triumphant Battle in a Man’s World, talks about her journey.

More about Alice Combs and her book

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Welcome, booksellers and librarians! I hope you’ll visit our display several times during the monthlong virtual show. We’ll be adding rich content almost every day as the show progresses. Please stop by for author interviews (both on the Cypress House blog and via Zoom), book reviews, news and notes on authors and titles.


We’ll be available to take orders and answer questions during our Zoom office hours (or via our 800 number: 800-773-7782, M-F, 9-5 Pacific Time). We’ll also feature Zoom author interviews.


Along with our own Cypress House, Lost Coast Press, and QED Press titles, we’re delighted to represent the following independent presses: About Something Good LLC, Actaea Press, Barefoot Naturalist Press, Conveyance Press, Dancing Mommy Press, Data Science Publishing, Dr. Gail Gross (Skyhorse), Lono Waiwaiole (Down & Out Books), Everybody Loves Grace, For CEOs Only, Inc., Get Sirius Press, Gopher Prairie Press, Harvey B. Chess, Inner Pathway, Inspirante Publishing LLC, Instilling Goodness Books, Lifethread Institute , Live Out Loud Publishing, Mary Jane O’Loughlin, Midway Books, Motherland Press, Nona Smith, O’Brien & Whitaker (an imprint of Boku Books), Passionquest Technologies LLC, Pets, People & Me, Rheumatoid Arthritis Project, Spirit Doula Press, Spotlight Marketing, and Wings on Disk.


I look forward to connecting with your during the show.

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Cypress House Welcome to the Tri-West 2020 Virtual Trade Show

Publisher and sales rep Cynthia Frank provides a brief tour of the Cypress House Tri-West virtual display.

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