Earth Sky + Water

Are you looking for beautiful, high quality, USA-made sidelines that are created and illustrated by experts? Look no further. We are a proven sideline in hundreds of bookstores throughout America.


Earth Sky + Water is a small publisher located in New England that focuses on nature illustrated products. We publish our unique nature identification FoldingGuides™, posters, 3” x 5″ notecards and 5” x 7” greeting cards. We pride ourselves on our personal touch, quick turnaround, and low order minimums.


Product Information:
FoldingGuides™ are laminated, waterproof, indestructible nature identification guides. They are written and illustrated by expert naturalists. FoldingGuides™ have clear illustrations and concise descriptions to help your customers learn about the great outdoors. Their compact size is perfect for a backpack, glove box, boat, or tackle box.


Each Boxed Notecard set contains eight 3.5” x 5” blank cards with envelopes in a clear mylar box. All our cards and envelopes are made from recycled and recyclable paper.


Our Greeting Cards are 5” x 7” individually packaged cards in a re-sealable plastic sleeve. They are blank inside and have species and artist information on the back. Most of our Greeting Cards have a customizable namedrop below the illustration. This custom namedrop is free of charge.


Posters are 19” x 27” and shipped in sturdy 2” resealable mailing tubes. We provide free laminated mini-posters and the option to purchase a full-size laminated poster for display.


We have custom displays made to fit our products. During the Tri-West Tradeshow most of our displays are available for free as long as you fill them.

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During the Tri-West tradeshow we offer the following show specials:

Free Freight on any order placed during October when mentioning the Tri-West tradeshow
Extended Terms for existing NET30 customers: NET60 on $300+ orders and NET90 on $500+ orders
Free custom displays available when filled; ask us for more information.


Price & Minimums Information

We do not charge sales tax
$100 overall order minimum per invoice


Wholesale Price $4.50
Suggested Retail Price $8.95
All titles must be ordered in multiples of 10


Boxed Notecards each with eight cards & envelopes
Wholesale Price $5.00
Suggested Retail Price $9.95


Greeting Cards with envelope, plastic sleeve, & custom name drop if available
Wholesale Price $2.00
Suggested Retail Price $3.95
Minimum order: 6 per style on all card orders and 72 asst. on customized orders


Posters in 2” mailing tubes
Wholesale Price $9.00
Suggested Retail Price $17.95
Minimum order: 12 assorted

Products for Your Region

We’ve created three custom product pages on our website for the Tri-West Tradeshow. Please click on your region to find products that are the right fit for your store!

Pacific Northwest
Mountains & Plains

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