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Founded in 1913, Harvard University Press is the publisher of such classics as Carol Gilligan’s In a Different Voice, Paul Gilroy’s The Black Atlantic, Stephen Jay Gould’s The Structure of Evolutionary Theory, James Kugel’s The Bible As It Was, Toni Morrison’s Playing in the Dark, Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century, John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice, E. O. Wilson’s On Human Nature, and Helen Vendler’s The Art of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. We offer books for a general readership as well as scholarly and professional audiences from renowned experts and new voices who are redefining entire fields of inquiry.

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The Cabinet by Lindsay Chervinsky Book Trailer

Do you wonder how decisions at the highest level of government actually get made? Are you curious about how the president makes decisions and who he or she consults? Lindsay Chervinsky’s book The Cabinet: George Washington and the Creation of an American Institution tells the story of how Washington crafted the cabinet to provide guidance and support during moments of crisis. The cabinet is his greatest legacy – every president since has consulted with a cabinet.

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