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Join Charlie Littlewolf in the Colorado Rockies as he returns to the mystic teachings of his medicine man grandfather to solve his best friend’s murder. This cross-cultural conspiracy thriller is loaded with authentic Native American spiritual practices courtesy of the story’s Northern Cheyenne co-author, Pete Risingsun. Environmental exploitation, past and present, color the background and fuel the ongoing conflict between those who honor the earth versus those whose greed leaves only pollution and devastation behind.


Our backlist includes the STEM-friendly Star Trails Tetralogy, unique for their science-driven plots designed by their physicist author to stimulate student interest in technical topics. A separate educator’s guide helps teachers and homeschoolers alike use the stories as learning tools and/or fodder for extra credit projects.

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“The Curse of Dead Horse Canyon: Cheyenne Spirits” is an epic cross-cultural thriller that confronts century’s old clashes between those who exploit versus those who honor the Earth.. Co-author, Pete Risingsun, imbues the story and its main character with authentic Northern Cheyenne rituals, ceremonies, and select elements of the tribe’s history. Physicist and seasoned author, Marcha Fox, brings her expertise and experience in technical subjects to bear in describing environmental issues related to the oil industry as well as the aftermath of 19th Century mining activity in Colorado.


With the logistics of schooling greatly affected by the COVID19 pandemic, STEM-friendly Teen Science Fiction offers teachers and parents alike a way to make learning fun again. Scientific principles in the context of space-based adventures demonstrate the relevance of science and engineering skills while also providing cameos of family dynamics, a cross, if you will, between “Star Wars”, “Lost in Space”, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. A Free online educator guide (also available in print) provides chapter by chapter lesson plans and discussion ideas which are also suitable for book club activities.

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