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Patricia Nelson


Princeton University Press Fall 2020

Highlights from Princeton Fall 2020 feature Sean Carroll’s A Series of Fortunate Events on the power of chance i and how we got here (inspired by Monty Python and Kurt Vonnegut); Kenneth Catania’s Great Adaptations on electric eels and star-nosed moles; Chicano graphic arts in Printing the Revolution; What Is A Bird? a must-have celebration of bird life; and the paperback release of Nicholas Buccola, The Fire Is upon Us on the debate between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley and the racial divide in America.

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Patricia’s Quick Pick of the List Princeton University Press

Patricia’s Princeton Quick Picks
A Series of Fortunate Events 9780691201757
Great Adaptations 9780691195254
Think Least of Death 9780691183848
What Is A Bird 9780691200163
Printing the Revolution 9780691210803
Goya 9780691192048
How to Be A Bad Emperor 9780691193991
How to Drink 9780691192147
How to Be Cool 9780691181950
How to Be Content 9780691182520
The Worlds of J R R Tolkien 9780691196947
Deportation Machine 9780691182155
Billionaire Wilderness 9780691176673

Tltles Featured in Patricia's Video

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Our Princeton Book Collections include Princeton Anti-Racism, Social Justice, and Black Experience with powerful titles on democracy and protest; Princeton Western and Nature with Marcia Bjornerud’s Timefulness, Lawrence Millman’s Fungipedia, birds and wildlife of the West; Princeton Best Backlist 2020 with enduring perennial titles. Carl Jung in the Bollingen Library, the I Ching, Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Salvador Dali, Oddly Modern Fairy Tales, Ancient Wisdom for Modern Readers, Albert Einstein, Harry Frankfurt On Bullshit, Elaine Scarry On Beauty, The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge!

Princeton Anti-Racism, Social Justice, and Black Experience
Princeton Western and Nature
Princeton 2020 Best of Backlist